Tuesday, September 1, 2009

MCA - EGM - Pemuda UMNO EGM???


Bravo Ong Tee Keat. Realising the problems faced by MCA he is calling for an EGM. Indeed a very smart and brave move. He is willing to put his political future at stake here in the interest of its members. This are the type of leaders we can say who are brave and bold enough to face the RAKYAT.

I hope after this Pemuda UMNO will call for an EGM. I am very sure KJ is aware that most of the pemuda dont fancy him so why not call for an EGM and get the truth out. Let the members of the Pemuda decide if he is fit to be their leader or not. We dont want the voice of the PERWAKILAN but we want the voice of the grass root.

KJ ada berani ka?


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Anonymous said...

Potong tolor lah, mampus tak kan berani punyo, ayohnyo dak ado lai siapo nak tolong ngabis boreh ajo!!