Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ariff Sabri ... Lim Dynasty's Royal Donkey ... HI HI HI

"Anwar’s not important, good governance is” … so says Sakmongkol … HO HO HO … something is tickling my toe …

What really drew my interest to respond to the above article is that Sak simply put up arguments which are contradicting to each other. The parameters and variables can never construct a balanced equation. A very simple explanation ... good governance can neither be spearheaded and delivered by a leader excessively burdened by moral problem nor by a coalition with its components heading to different directions.

However to PR supporters Sak’s writing is like a cocktail of aphrodisiac spiked with intoxicating elixir. That's why all those Ah Bengs gave response as if they were having euphoria and erection.

Sak was mumbling about good governance constituted by good people in response to Tun’s and Chandra’s firm conviction that PR is severely lacking of hands-on experience and intellectual capacity to run the country.


“Now, a good government is constituted by good people. That is the fundamental requirement.

We need good people, qualified, dedicated and selfless who work the system to make the country better.”

If I understand correctly, PR will surely deliver good governance should they manage to conquer Putrajaya … Wait a minute Sakmongkol, something is again tickling me my toe … HO HO HO ... perhaps Penang and Selangor were Sak's classic example of good governance.

How many qualified, dedicated and selfless politicians are there in PR? Don’t tell me your cheapo “money-can-buy” soul is one of them. Come on la Sak … just a waste of time if you're trying to nicely put up words of denial because I knew what happened in 2009. Your self-portrayal man of principle is actually cheaper than an ageing hooker.

This money-can-buy cheapo has no shame selling his soul 
Back to “qualified, dedicated and selfless people”, I wonder why moral was not one of the criteria. Is it very sensitive nowadays to talk about moral? If you have forgotten, let me remind you this is an Islamic state in which morality is the top priority.

How is it possible the process of delivering good governance runs smoothly when the highest elected official is evidently known for and burdened by his immorality … HI HI HI

Immoral PR leader … even Clinton eventually had admitted as he preferred not to be consumed by his own lies
Let me be frank … your writing has no substance and of course … is also completely dumb. It doesn’t mean you will no longer enjoy praises and applause from chauvinist Ah Bengs at your blog. They will keep coming because you never fail giving them political erection that always ends with premature ejaculation.

Sak’s preposterous political tale finally ends in the house of Dynasty Lim, even though the bitter truth has been revealed by Tunku Aziz 
I have heard about “good governance” before by PAS think tank (or rather empty tin can) … came out from the mouth of Dr. Zul Kuala to justify the decision taken by PAS when the party decided to leave Hudud behind so that PAS could enjoy the unwedded wet dream with DAP.

What I was looking for in your writing is a formula or an equation for PR to resolve their differences. Unfortunately none was mentioned. The way it is going now PAS seems to lose more and more. A ship with three captains is heading to three directions … DAP’s Chinese chauvinism … PKR’s liberalism and PAS … opppsss … PAS is simply comfortable playing dumb and numb.

These clowns and idiots with personal interest and chauvinistic agenda will deliver good governance??? ALAHAI …
Put it this way la Sak … your sour grape has reached critically low pH. If the pH goes even lower, your inadequate intellectual capacity will go full-blown acidosis. You will then be trying harder and even harder to portray yourself as a man of principle, but it simply further reveals you are such a bloody liar.

The only similarity between you and Anwar … UMNO has sparked your political career. When UMNO took it back, you both suffered from postpartum disorder and until now have never recovered. That’s why your political decision is purely motivated by your vengeance.

The difference between you and I ... I speak out my mind without being paid a single cent. Of course Sak, you've got to get your hands dirty whenever you mingle with pigs ... I mean those chauvinist pigs.

By the way Sak, did DAP ever show a sign of good faith by offering you a secured parliament seat? Nope, DAP never did. DAP is simply happy with you being a political jester playing dumb donkey to Lim Dynasty … NO OFFENCE … HI HI HI

Written by Stopa Selipar