Sunday, September 6, 2009

Rise and rise KJ 2

The strongest support for Mr Khairy - whom I have known since 1997 England, he at Oxford and I at Cambridge - is from Mr Hishamuddin Hussein...he enjoyed a professional and dynamic partnership with Mr Khairy. He played a leading role ...on behalf of Datuk Seri Abdullah during the last general election..with a few 'comrades' from his days at Oxford, he served ably as a chief strategist. ..He has been among those helping to strengthen relations between Umno Youth and the PAP youth wing.
..from a good family background - his father once ..the Malaysian ambassador to Japan, - he is a firm believer in justice and freedom..he strenuously stays away from .. issues with ideological rhetoric, unlike..Anwar Ibrahim .., whom Mr Khairy clearly detested as early as 1997. Yet, if Malaysia is to take a turn towards greater economic growth, his views are almost inevitable. For one, he believes the 'subsidy mentality' that has plagued the Malay mindset is a bane,.... According to this mindset - exemplified by the NEP..began in 1970 - every Malay is entitled to every form of government support, ..securing places at local university to getting fertiliser, from receiving a scholarship to go abroad to getting a discount on homes and property.

Having received a top-notch education of ..Malaysian government, ..only by virtue ..his mother, Datin Rahmah Abdul Hamid, was able to provide, he went through life by a different route. He believes the privileges and benefits that have helped the advancement of the Malay cause since 1970 must eventually cease. The goal, he says, is to prevent Malays from relying on government crutches all the time. These are views which can be traced to his writings in Ethos, a magazine he co-founded at Oxford with several progressive Malaysians. least five people whom Mr Khairy has brought into Datuk Seri Abdullah's government to serve as one of his 15 political secretaries, or his special assistant. These are Mr Omar Mustapha, Mr Vincent Lim, Mr Mustapha Kamal, Mr Izadraya and Mr Ahmad Zaki" Found on PRIME MINISTER OFFICE, SETIAUSAHA POLITIK V, Dr. Vincent Lim Kian Tick, SUPOL V, Mohammad Amyzaddin bin Hj Raya, Pegawai Perhubungan Awam

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url for the said site was already expired and replace by new url....and also burn past archieved.

A lot of denials from him stated clearly inside this article. He he 'my khgiaqry'...he he...after 2020...he he....?