Thursday, August 6, 2009

If Khairy is "clean" then there must be "something rotten in the state of Denmark!!"

Huh! I am invincible nobody can touch me, mon frere!

*news update*

I was told Khairy Jamaluddin met with about 28 Umno Youth members at a closed-door meeting today (22nd, Mar, 2009). It was just a meeting where Khairy made a short speech then they ate and drank and were merry! There were no questions and answers period, and none of the Umno youth members -- youth and deputy youth chiefs and youth delegates who will be voting at this week Umno Assembly -- asked any question.
But what's interesting, as mentioned by my source, is where the meeting took place and guess where?! It was held at SRI PERDANA!
If it was true then why is the official residence of the PM being used as a venue for such a meeting?! And should not Umno Disciplinary Committee be looking into this blatant abused of power (if this is true?)

I will apologize if my source is wrong and then I am wrong, if such meeting never took place, but if it does then there is definitely "something rotten in the state of Denmark"! Ptui!


Hey what can I say! If Umno had one chance to redeem itself and cleansed the party of evil spirits it would have been by suspending Khairy Jamaluddin (KJ) and barred him from contesting.
I tried to like this young man but the audacity he declared on many things during his interview is as though he is a bona fide player in Malaysian politics! My question is" "What has he done lately for the last five years." Except for making himself larger than life and the only credit he has to his name is, he is married to the prime minister's daughter, that is all!
To Umno Youth members reading this and who will be voting for their new president this coming Tuesday, reject KJ or forever hold your fucking piece! The way I see it only Mukhriz Mahathir has that semblance of a new echelon Malay leaders who is free from all sorts of allegations. Have you heard Mukhriz being implicated in any scandals or bad rumours?
For Khir Toyo, he was a good dentist until he became a politician. This once naturally dark Javanese, or Jawa, is definitely not clean to my mind. His obsession with looking fair that has drove him into being a politican who is only drawn into seclusion while trying to look physicaly pretty.
One senior Umno politicion said from day one Khir Toyo was a wrong choice and what were they thinking then when they chose him as the richest state in Malaysia's mentri besar?
Now that Ali Rustam, a man who-could-not-articulate-hims- in-both-languages-if-the-fate-of-the-nation depended on his ability to speak, we will be in total chaos. I am glad he has been disqualified.
I told close friends that if Ali Rustam, Muhamamad Taib and Rahim Thamby Kechik (former CM of Malacca) were to be elected as leaders during this coming Tuesday Umno elections, I will formally join any opposition party of my choice. Why? Because if that were to happens, then Umno is truly a party that is filled with a bunch of Malay nincompoops and morons who do not have the ability to think rationally.
Imagine if Muhamad Muhd Taib wins the deputy presidency of Umno that will automaticaly makes him the deputy prime minister. God forbid if something happens to Najib, he will be the prime minister??!!
A man who was caught unclean by the Australian authority with a bunch of money that he could not explain why he had them, that he was release later when the case turned out to be a nasty back-door government-to-government diplomatic problem.
Rahim Thamby Kechik is simply cannot be allowed to win for his unsatisfactorily explained involvement with a minor who later was found out to be pregnant. He may not be involved, but like what they say in politics, it is all about perception.
Muhamad Taib is perceived as a politican who is corrupt and who smuggled money in and out of the country with impunity until caught. And Rahim is perceived as a sex offender, right or wrong! It is all about perception! So Umno and Umno Youth members, there's only left Muhyiddin Yassin, and Mukhriz for the youth chief post. Chose carefully!


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