Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fatwa KJ Anak Omak 1

I thought only KJ use his parent ie mother, Dato Rahmah to fight his battle.

It is an open secret that notable writer/blogger and person writing or commenting

negatively about her son will receive a nasty call from her.

Since you mention Mustapha Ong, Omar Ong's father have a tendency to do the same, it is a

nice combination.

KJ is anak omak, Omar Ong is anak bapak then. KJ melayu ma(mak), Omar Ong cina masuk


Who said the Oxford boys are really smart, intelligent and independent?

They are Anak omak ... Anak bapak ... cry babies. TDM is right to call these Tingkat 4 as

wet behind the ears.

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