Thursday, October 15, 2009

KERRY JAMBAN: A new name for a reborn youth leader

Well when I say reborn I mean he is trying very hard to be as close to being a cunt as is humanly possible

Kerry Jamban is the new name that has been christened by his cyber nemesis, House PK, a blogger previously known as Parpu Kari.

Now that he has been christened by a new name, we are waiting for Kerry Jamban to be baptised in a cess pool that would suit his new handle.

Kerry Jamban is a beautiful name, it is as close as possible to being a naming epiphany because asshole simply does not suffice anymore, and neither will any of the other private parts.

Jamban is the ultimate depository of all manners of human excrement from runny urine to soup-like diarrhea to black bread hardness of the constipated motion.

when they come together, the resultant consistency is typically that of a disgusting run after a particularly spicy meal.

Even as a young prick preying on the chubby daughter of a deputy prime minister, Kerry was a shining example of an opportunist bastard who simply could not hide his contempt for everyone who is not Kerry.

Even his closest friends can sense that Kerry Jamban would readily dump them if anything better came along but for as long as he has a shitload of money, they will stay close to him. But even they know not to actually 'be' with him.

Pigs of the same stench eat and shit at the same place together, right??

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Anonymous said...

Wooii Bahlul. Takde keja ke asyik nak kutuk orang?? Orang macam awak ni la jadi pemusnah bangsa, otak tak berpelajaran dah tentu membuahkan tulisan mengutuk orang. Pada aku tulisan kamu ni betul-betul tulisan bahlul yg tak tahu nak terima perubahan. Jangan aibkan orang kelak nanti Allah akan siksa kamu dgn azab yg pedih. Taubat la. Tulis blog biarla yg memberi pengajaran bukan untuk mengutuk dan memaki hamun orang. Orang macam awak ni pun ada kat dunia ni.. heran aku kpd Allah tak bentuk otak kamu untuk jadi seorang yg baik. Bahlul betui kamu ni...