Saturday, May 14, 2011

KJ owe apologies to Big Dog and Marah Ku

That BERUK who wants to be ‘PM by the age of 40′ (more like Primates Master!) really put his big foot in his bloody big mouth!

He totally lost credibility! His exchange with Big Guy in Twitter Jaya is a following by many, which incl. The Malaysian Insider here.

The MI report based on this BERUK’s insult on Big Guy shows what sort of leader this idiot really is!

Its ashame that UMNO Youth by default landed with this baboon!

This baboon even got his sponsored UMNO apes (fortunately, who happens to know how to use the notebook & connectivity!), to go after a blogger who has stood up for UMNO for years now!

The MI here.

(Of course, like Datuk Rocky described a few times, as a loyal UMNO man Big Guy won’t tolerate stupid UMNO leaders like Blabber-mouth Nazri & Black Spider NMY who would eventually bring the party backwards!)

KJ, like his FIL the sleepyhead (who took Malaysia 6 years backwards!), pandered into Oppositions talk & hv proven himself to be their ‘asset’!

He & his cyber-trained apes must unconditionally apologize to Big Dog & Marahku!

This is non-negotiable!

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izad70 said...

i might be wrong but reading through his tweeting one could sense that he tried to implicate tun.m into the controversy.correct me if i am wrong.