Tuesday, December 13, 2011

KJ dapat RM80 juta duit NFC? Biar betul!

OutSyed The Box di sini menulis:
I have heard it now from two sources. One is a journalist, the other is a Blogger. There is or are more condos. They say there is at least one condo bought in Singapore. Its not an RM250,000 condo either. Upwards of ten million (dollars). A place name in Singapore was also mentioned.

The deal was cut during the time of Slumberjack. Talk is the corrupted SIL also got a cut - that the lion's share went to the SIL and Slumberjack. Maybe RM80.0 million. I wont be surprised at all.

And the whole deal was approved by the MOF WITHOUT any proper Loan documentation. There were two MOFs at that time. MOF1 was sleeping on the job - did not know if he was coming or going. So the other fellow dealt with the project.
Eh ...betul ke sampai RM80 juta Khairy sebat dari geran kerajaan RM250 juta itu?